What is Naperville Moms Network?

Naperville Moms Network was launched in December 2009 by Naperville mom Kelli Thompson. As a first time mom, and new to the area, Kelli was searching for ways to connect online with other moms in a way that also offered the possibility of personal friendship and support close to home. Her solution was to create her own website—a community of moms empowering moms.
"There are so many sites that get moms talking, but you can hit it off with someone who could be on the other side of town or the other side of the country,” Thompson says. “This site provides resources and support, but takes it one step further. With the Naperville Moms Network you can take your friendship, your connection, to the personal level.”

Meet Our Chief Mama

DrCathySubberAfter several years of rapid growth of the network, Kelli and her family moved to Austin, TX in early 2012 and handed over the reigns to Dr. Cathy Subber, a founding member and sponsor of the group.
“From the moment Kelli told me about creating Naperville Moms Network, I knew I wanted to support her and be an active part of it. Through NMN, I have made some of the best friends and to be honest, being a mom and juggling so many things can be really hard at times. NMN is a place for moms to share those challenges, make new friends and feel confident in the choices they make as a mom and as a woman.”